Our youth is a dynamic and passionate part of our community, actively involved in shaping us with excitement over ministry, outreach, and community relationships. Our community as a whole is deeply involved in sharing in these joys and victories and encouraging each other in spiritual growth. Our focus is growing in love of God, of neighbours, and of self as God shows us through His Word. At each stage, we are considering and learning from Christ, His teaching, and His behaviour.

Junior High Bible Club

Transition periods in life can be hard and complex. We recognize this, and Junior High Bible Club is a great place to explore and receive guidance in the transition from Sunday School into the teen years and our High School youth program. Here, our youth take a more active role in shaping content through their questions, and their boundless energy is harnessed into fun, engaging, and thought provoking lessons. Junior High Bible Club is led by a group of young and youthful adults, who form enduring relationships and care deeply about our Junior High Bible Club.

Our Junior High Bible Club program runs on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:45pm. Members of the two oldest Sunday school classes as well as the first two years of our High School youth program are invited to participate in our Junior High Bible Club program.

High School Youth

Few periods of life involve more change and more choices than High School. We recognize that, and our High School youth are actively engaged, challenged, and educated through tough, relevant topics. They deserve more attention as they grapple with changes on so many fronts. Our High School ministry team rises to the call with great passion, continually growing together with our youth in recognizing Jesus’ calling and peace through life’s questions.

Our High School youth meet on Fridays at 8:00pm, and often gather together after for further fellowship.

Young Adults

As our youth settle into their post-secondary or career route, their concerns shift. This becomes a time of deepening: deepening of knowledge, deepening of discerning wisdom, and deepening of relationships. Through a church context, they are exploring new ways of integrating themselves into our dynamic community. The Young Adults group provides a great incubator to further develop skills of critical thinking and teaching one another while getting to know our pastor and other elders in the community in a more personal manner.

Our Young Adults group meets on Fridays at 8:00pm, and once a month they share a session together with the High School youth.

Community Involvement

Members of our High School youth and Young Adults group are actively engaged in our Sunday School program. Furthermore, they’re the driving force behind our Birthday Party for Jesus, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Christmas Banquet planning and facilitation. They also often share their learning in our once-a-month combined youth session.

Beyond the young and their peers, the youth reaches out to our Seniors as well by arranging caroling/hymn singing visits to various care homes throughout the city, as well as occasionally taking over facilitation of one of our Senior’s monthly meetings. This is a time of blessed intentional inter-generational fellowship. Throughout the year, they plan and facilitate community outreach events where we go offsite to serve at locations around the city.