Based on Ephesians 5:19: “…making melody in your heart to the Lord…”

We are inviting our young musicians to praise the Lord by submitting a video recording of a hymn or praise & worship song. These musical presentations will be played in our Worship Services on Sundays in upcoming weeks.

Some guidelines:

  • remember that we are not looking for perfection – just a praising heart!
  • the song should be appropriate for playing in church
  • ensure the video is in landscape (aka “Querformat” in German) not portrait mode
  • ensure your child is well-lit
  • keep background noise to a minimum
  • shoot the video close to the musician (not from the other side of the room), to ensure the sound is picked up better
  • place your camera or phone on a tripod or other solid surface (table, books, shelf) so it is steady – not handheld
  • a duet with a parent or sibling would be totally fine as well
  • If you have any questions please contact the tech team (
  • We request that contributions be submitted by March 12.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

If you are willing to play your song live during a service, please contact Jennifer F to arrange a date!