We believe ministry to our youth is an essential part of our church. Our youth have value because God created them in His image. They are the future leaders of tomorrow. They provide a fresh perspective on things, and they are a sign of God’s continued mercy and perseverance. We know that young people are looking for a love that will satisfy their greatest desires. We aim to turn those desires away from the things of this world and turn them toward Christ. Young people are passionate about many things, and when that passion turns to things of Christ, when young people have an authentic encounter with the living Christ, they are often unstoppable in their zeal for sharing the Gospel.

We desire that the young people in our youth groups grow in their relationship with Jesus to be prepared to serve Him in all they do. Our focus is that our youth grows in their love for Jesus, for themselves as His children, for the body of believers, for the community, and for those who still need to experience the love of Jesus.

During adolescence, friendships are a top priority because they help young people feel they belong and are accepted. Young people need positive peer influence. We want to help our youth learn how to choose good friends but, more importantly, we want them to form godly friendships. These are the best friendships because true Christian friends act as accountability partners. Christian friends build each other up emotionally, spiritually and even physically; they pray for each other, and they have a common goal in life, loving and serving God.

Friday night is youth night. Jr. and Sr. High youth meet at church. They will remain at church for the evening unless they are involved in community service work or unless a special, pre-approved event is being held.

Jr. High Youth

At age 12 (or upon completion of grade 6 in regular school) students will graduate from Sunday School to Foundations class on Sunday morning and Jr. High Youth on Friday evening. We plan to keep Jr. and Sr. High youth separate for the devotional part of the evening. We believe both groups need teaching that focuses on their age group. Young people need to spend time with others their age who are going through the same challenges, struggles and new experiences as they are. Certain social events or community service projects may warrant combining the two groups.

High School Youth

Few periods of life involve more change and more choices than high school. Our high school youth will be actively engaged, challenged, and educated through topics relevant to them. Through listening to other’s experiences, by sharing their own experiences, by seeking answers to the many questions they have and by wrestling with the really hard questions, we hope the youth will learn, grow, think critically about the world, and most importantly, hear and answer God’s call. Above all, our youth ministry seeks to be a light at the end of a tunnel, a safe place for those who are scared, hurt, lost, or confused, and ultimately, a place where a young person can experience salvation.


After spending time in God’s Word and prayer, it is time for fellowship, including food, games, and sports activities. These social activities and other planned special events provide new opportunities to connect both inside and outside of the church community

Serving within the Church

The youth are actively involved in several Sunday School activities, especially the Birthday Party for Jesus and Vacation Bible School. The youth also reach out to our seniors by participating in carolling/hymn singing visits to various care facilities throughout the city. Occasionally, the youth sings at the monthly senior’s services at Millwoods Shepherd’s Care.

Once a year the youth facilitates a banquet for the seniors of our church, which is a special time of blessed intentional intergenerational fellowship.

Once a year the youth provides an evening out for parents by inviting them to drop their children off at church for a time of fun activities while they spend quality time together as a couple.

The young people participate in Operation Christmas Child, by collecting items for the shoe boxes and spending an evening packing the boxes. Occasionally, they have travelled by bus to Calgary to pack boxes at the Operation Christmas Child Calgary Processing Centre.

The young people are also involved in community outreach, volunteering at soup kitchens in the city, collecting food for the Food Bank, and collecting items for Christmas hampers for needy families.

“So, flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

2 Timothy 2:22