God’s Kingdom is bigger than the walls of any one church sanctuary. We are actively engaged in reaching out to, supporting, and equipping believers around the globe to share Jesus’ ongoing redemption of the world right where God has placed them. Below are listed many of the countries within which are numerous congregations that we are actively engaged in partnership with.


Within Canada and the USA, we are connected with numerous other congregations.


Bolivia is a landlocked country in central South America with a population of approximately 10 million. It is the poorest country in South America and people living in the rural areas of Bolivia are particularly affected by poverty. As a congregation we support spiritual ministry in the communities of Via Gracia as well as Shalom.

Our ministry in Bolivia has also established a school program. Many volunteers from Canada have been involved in this ministry, teaching in the program and sharing God’s truth with families in this community.


In south-east continental Africa, the country of Kenya is home to almost 41 million people. A large proportion of Kenya’s population lives in poverty. There is a great need for basic necessities among the population’s poor, especially in remote areas. This also includes significant spiritual needs, with limited access to bibles and other spiritual resources. Together with our partners in Kenya, we are working to meet physical and spiritual needs.

Pastor Gerry and many others from our churches have visited the Church of God in Kenya a number of times. We are actively constructing numerous houses of worship there and offering spiritual guidance and training to their local ministers to further spread the good news of Jesus. We are encouraged by how God is continuing to bless this ministry.


We have been partnered with two churches in Mexico for many years, and have been enriched through deep connections going both ways. Our choirs often go and serve in each others’ congregations for yearly conferences.

The work in Mexico is based around enriching communities through providing school services as well as providing a place for community through two different locations. Our partner churches are located in the cities of Neustaedt and Rosal.


A few years ago some ministers in the Philippines came across some of our printed material and reached out for contact and support. That was the beginning of a great partnership, and the ministry in the Philippines has rapidly increased in size and locations. The people there work tirelessly to spread the life-changing good news of the gospel, and partnering with them has been joyful and fruitful.

Our partnership extends to over eleven congregations in the Philippines which are overseen by Pastor Vedania out of Cabanatuan City.