In our society of political correctness and moral decay a heterosexual male, a god-fearing husband, a loving father, a faithful Christian man often becomes the target of cancel culture. Living like Christ in a cancel culture is not easy.

Different cultures have different standards of manliness or masculinity. In Western society traits traditionally seen as masculine include independence, strength, courage, leadership skills, dominance, aggressiveness, self-reliance, and assertiveness. But what does a godly man look like?

The following biblical characteristics of a godly man are all found in Scripture: A godly man is just, merciful, humble, blameless, righteous, holy, fruitful, prosperous, unshakeable, kind, truthful, does not slander, despises evil, keeps promises, is giving rather than greedy, is a man of integrity, a doer of the Word of God, delights in the Lord’s commands, does not blend in with the world, and strives to follow Christ’s example. If the biblical image of manliness as listed above is to be restored, we need a brotherhood of men who are protectors and providers, who lead selflessly, who love the Lord above all else, and who willingly take up their crosses and follow Him.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17.

Men’s Bible Study and Prayer Groups

We have several groups that meet on a regular basis at different times to study God’s word and to pray together.  


In addition to our Bible study groups, we have events throughout the year such as fellowship breakfasts, opportunities to serve in the community together, evening BBQs, and sports fellowship.

Serving Others

Loving and serving others means we are “doers of the word and not hearers only” James 1:22. As men, we desire to demonstrate our love for God by serving the needs of humanity and sharing the gospel of Jesus. We want to be of service to our church and community, whether that involves being a mentor, a friend, a prayer partner, a volunteer, the occasional Uber, or a helpful handyman.